Monday, May 2, 2016

Dylan's Fight: Fighting For Him And His Voice

My son Dylan was 18 months when I noticed he didn't talk as well as the others around him. I got help right away and we tried so hard to get him to talk right. My parents said I wasn't working enough with him, the speech therapist said he was just lazy, then he turned three and nothing was changing, he would say words but broken and screamed a lot and pointed.

He started public school special education and he took off with his words! Having speech everyday really helped him start to talk, he is now four and half and he is such a social butterfly, he loves to talk, some may not understand him totally but the family does and that is all that counts. During his IEP the speech therapist at his school talked about Apraxia and I went home and did some major research. I was in tears knowing that most things we have dealt with is the Apraxia...I don't feel like a failure as a parent anymore, I know my son and I am his voice.

Now my youngest son is in speech and they think he has apraxia as well. I'm not sure how or why but I don't care, I know what to do and how much support I have in my corner I will also be his voice and he will know that I fought for him and his voice.