Friday, April 8, 2016

Ty's Fight: To Be Heard

Ty began his journey almost 5 years ago. He was a very bright boy who I noticed at an early age was not meeting his communication milestones. I am a special needs teacher at the preschool level so I immediately went into my teacher mode and began providing my son any means needed to communicate.

I made him a picture communication book of his foods, drinks, toys, movies, and other favorite items. I also made Velcro boards on my refrigerator and cupboard and taught him how to give me a picture for something he wanted. I also went as far as to teach him some American sign language. All these things gave him a small voice to get through the frustration. These items took time and didn't always satisfy him. He would become so frustrated he would bang his head on the floor or the wall.

I took him to the pediatrician at 18 months old and was told he may still be a late talker to wait until he was 2 to call Early Intervention. My gut told me to call that day so I did! Being in my field of work I knew he had Apraxia and understood it would be a while before I would get that diagnosis. I had wonderful speech therapist who were aware or understood how to deliver the appropriate services needed beginning at 20 months old. There were times he would have a word and then loose it. It took time and practice but he would regain it, so never loose faith! He has been followed by Children's Hospital Speech and Language team since he was 2.6 and was officially diagnosed with Apraxia at the age of 4.

At 4.10 Ty is a verbal communicator in a public school preschool program. He receives Speech 3 times a week and is making his voice loud and clear! Being a part of the CASANA groups was the most helpful to find other parents who understood! Reach out join a Walk! There were nights I would cry to sleep rubbing his back praying I would one day hear his wants and needs! Never give up because your child will get there in their own way and in their own time! Always believe and following your gut!