Friday, April 8, 2016

Stella Rose's Fight: Our Journey with Apraxia

Our daughter is almost 3 and has had her diagnosis for 8 months now. We always knew something wasn't quite right with her. She struggled with nursing, then refused to eat solids until after age one. She was always an excessive drooler. She babbled a lot as a baby but always the same sounds never any new ones. Her receptive language are unbelievable and her intelligence astounds me daily, however she still wasn't talking or even attempting to by age two. No mommy or daddy or anything. My heart ached to hear that word "mommy". I had dreamed of that word for many, many years after having difficulty conceiving.
I knew in my heart something wasn't right.
Other babies were saying that at 8 or 9 months. My child wasn't saying anything or even attempting and she was almost 2. We were missing something.
That's when I called birth to three. Stella began taking speech in September of 2015. At the time she only would use 2 different sounds for everything. She would pantomime or just show me what she wanted or needed.
People would tell me over and over she will talk when she's ready or has something to say. And my oh so favorite (sarcasm ) "once she starts talking you won't get her to shut up".
If I hear that one more time I think I might explode.
When people ask her questions and she can't answer she looks to me for help and I see the sadness in her eyes. For a while I would just say she can't talk and walk away now I answer politely for her or slowly break down the words so she can say them, words are coming more now. We are only at the beginning of our journey to find her voice and we work hard everyday. We have been blessed to have 2 amazing speech pathologists who have helped our daughter find a voice and work with all of us. I say us because this is not just her fight it's all of us as a family's fight. We have been learning right beside her and will continue to do so. We are so incredibly proud of our little girl. I am amazed at her confidence, her determination, and her love of life everyday. In this short 8months she now can say countless words and even say short 2-3 word simple sentences.

She works hard and has the determination every moment of her day to speak and that makes me the proudest Mommy around.