Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bradley's Fight: One Sound, Letter, And Word At a Time

Our boy Bradley is now 7 years old and was diagnosed with Apraxia in April of 2014. 

Bradley started speech at 2 years old and was being seen once a week for 60 minutes per visit. In January of 2014 we had enough after 2 years of services our boy had not gained one word, was grunting and was starting to create his own form of sign language. Life was stressful, Bradley was frustrated and started to be self abusive(hitting himself in the head if he could not get his needs meet by his own sign language) I requested a new therapist and within 3 months we were told Bradley had Apraxia. We were devastated yet relieved all mixed into one.

I applied for the Casana scholarship in May and attended my first conference in July 2014. The Casana Association and our Angel Tiffany (SLP) were life preservers in the sea of Apraxia we could never repay them for all they have done for our Boy. We lived in Northern Rural Maine for the last 9 years we were isolated, alone and treading unknown waters and both Tiffany and Casana helped us navigate the way and Advocated for the best for us. Today Bradley is a confident and intelligible young boy we are still in speech, working on phonics and literacy and still overcoming Apraxia hurdles. BUT we are gaining ground and life is good!!!

We will ‪#‎KNOCKOUTAPRAXIA‬ one sound, letter & word at a time