Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Nick's Fight: Finding His Voice

Nick started speech therapy at 10 months old. He was diagnosed with severe verbal apraxia at age 3. At three he had only a few approximations. Once we received the diagnosis I asked the school for more therapy (he was only getting one 20 minute session a week). I was told our school district only offers one session a week. This was the start of our fight! I quoted Wright's Law and provided documents from CASANA. His school upped his speech to 3 times a week!

At three Nick also started private therapy...and our fight continued! Finding an appropriate therapist is hard! Getting the insurance to pay is HARD! Finding grants to help is time consuming! Hearing my son make progress is priceless!!

Nick was a shy non-verbal 3 year old. After years of therapy, two trips to the Kaufman Canter, and switching to a school that specializes in apraxia Nick is persevering. My once shy boy is giving presentations in class, he is a leader in his class, he is reading above grade level!!

He is winning his fight!!!!