Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Nathan's Fight: He Will Continue To Knockout Whatever Comes In His Way

   Born a week after he was due Nathan "appeared" a normal average baby but from the day he was born I knew he wasn't. Doctors were quick to say he was just fine. 
However he didn't progress as he should've. 
He start feeding therapy at 8 months old. By 10 months old he needed physical and occupational therapies. 
Nathan was finally diagnosed with mild Cerebral Palsy in March 2012 at 19 months old. 
After seeing several speech therapists and making no speech progress I knew we were going to be fighting a long long battle.
 At three years old Nathan was diagnosed with extremely severe Apraxia. He started with zero words and sounds. Now at almost six the struggle is still very real... however he has various approximations and even a few understandable words! 
He pushes through 4 sessions of speech, 2 of occupational and 1 of physical every week. 

Nathan is a fighter and he will continue to knockout whatever comes in his way.