Thursday, April 7, 2016

Maeson's Fight: Fears, Tears, And Joy.

My mommy became concerned when her 10 month old wouldn't do much more than "coo" and "squeak". Fast forward a few months and still no ma's or ba's or dada's. My doctor blew mommy off when she told her she was worried. Fast forward almost a whole year. I could say a couple phonic sounds but no words. I tried so hard! I had so much to say. When I turned two, mommy finally lost her cool and began to fight for me. It made me so happy! She knew what I wanted in my heart. I was sent to a speech therapist for evaluation.

My therapist Ms.Angie fell in love. She joined mommy in trying to help me. She told mommy I had speech apraxia. Mommy had never even heard of it! Speech Apraxia means I am very smart but my mouth just doesn't do what my brain wants it to do. Mommy started doing lots of research. She had lots of faith in me but was very scared for my future. One time, I woke up from my nap and mommy was crying on the couch. She saw me and I made her smile. 

We cried together. 

I'm three now (almost 4!), I've made lots of progress! I can say a bunch of sounds and even a bunch of words!!! Mommy and my family understand me pretty good now. We still have some trouble but that's ok. Everyday is a new battle. We've met some really mean people along the way but I think they just didn't understand. So I forgive them. I love everyone! I enjoy meeting new people, especially the ladies. 
wink emoticon

Mommy says I'm an inspiration because I'm the toughest little boy she knows. I hope my story inspires you to smile your way through all of your battles you face. - Love Maeson