Thursday, April 7, 2016

Livia's Fight: The Power of a Hug

Livia just turned 6 and is finishing up her first year of Kindergarten. When she started pre-school I was worried she wouldn't make any friends. With her speech delay she wasn't understood by others - how could she play with them? She couldn't even say her own name.
In the following months, whenever we would go out little kids would run up to her shouting "Livia!" and they would hug! These were kids from her class! She hadn't needed to talk to them, she made friends just be being herself.
Fast forward 2 years to Kindergarten - she is still greeting friends and teachers with a hug - and still can barely say her own name. School work is proving much harder and she is needing additional help at school - this means being pulled out of the classroom for 1 on 1 resource teaching. She doesn't spend as much time with her classmates as I would like, but she is learning so much! Still giving hugs and refers to everyone she says as her friend.

We are going to keep working on #KnockingOutApraxia with therapy and practice and lots of patience...looking forward to the time when all her "friends" find out that she has so much more to offer than just hugs.