Thursday, April 14, 2016

Linden's Fight: He Has Apraxia, But Apraxia Doesn't Have Him

This is Linden, he is almost 5 yrs old. 

He has Apraxia but Apraxia doesn't have him. Linden was diagnosed with CAS when he was 31/2 years old. One year ago Linden was consider only to be 10% understood by others. He only had a couple of intelligible words. After intensive Speech Therapy both Private and School based, Linden can now say Momma, Daddy, I yuhve (love)you!  Which is the most wonderful thing for a parent to hear. As well has Why, where and what questions. Linden just learned how to say "What you name?" Which he's incredibly excited about and I think its because he can actually ask anyone this question and they understand HIM, not his Mom translating for him. Linden has a long road ahead of him but I wouldn't change him for the world. Anyone that's ever met him will see that this child is the most kind, loving, amazing kid that you'll every meet. Quoting Linden and his favorite song "Everything is Awesome! " and he is the most awesome!