Thursday, April 7, 2016

Landon and Logan's Fight: Two brothers, two battles, one beast

I have two little boys with apraxia of speech. Both are very hard working, silly, and happy little boys.

Landon is 4 years ago. He is such a happy and affectionate boy. He started speech therapy at 11 months old. He is impacted globally by his apraxia. To learn any motor plan, he practices it many times. He is very aware that things are difficult for him. He functions best in a supportive, safe environment, with demands placed on him that he can achieve and then slowly making them more difficult. Landon is our first baby. I wanted to be a mom more than anything and it's been very hard not to be able to help him speak more. I have realized I can't fix it, so I love him up, get him all the therapy he needs, and we practice in a play based way. He reminds me that there is pure love in this world and that sometimes words aren't needed. I really feel like we get each other. Landon is just starting to imitate single words and some simple words. I tell him all the time "you are enough" and that I will never give up on him and I never, ever will. He is my hero.

Logan is our 2nd little man. He has the best personality. Nothing holds him back. Not even not being able to
speak. I was watching him closely since I had suspicions about his big brother by this time (they are 18 months apart). Logi was late to crawl and had a hard time stabilizing himself when sitting so I made the call at 9 months. He started services then and made slow, steady progress since then. He will be 3 this month and is just starting to say some simple words. Mama is my favorite one. Logi is always easy going. He puts himself out there. He is fearless. He reminds me that there's way more to life than worrying about therapy and speech. He is so happy and a good little boy. We are working on many pre verbal skills and finding novel ways to communicate. He is starting to get frustrated. I am so proud of how much progress he is making lately and how hard he works. He is the perfect little boy and he holds a huge spot in my heart