Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ireland's Fight: Ronda's Story Offers Hope

My daughter Ireland has been in speech since 18 months, she just turned 3 in March. It was maybe 6 months in that our SLP mentioned her suspicion of Apraxia, something I hadn't ever heard of. Like most parents I hit the Internet at first becoming overwhelmed and sad but then I started to focus on the success stories of parents of older children, looking at what treatments worked for them. I one day read the story of Laura Smith and Ronda Rousey. It gave me hope hearing Rhonda's story and I had a face to put with it all.

Ireland has worked so hard over the last year and a half making progress that's amazing everyone. I went to battle through this to make sure that she was getting every hour of speech we could get funded. I got EI to give her more speech than any other kid our case worker or speech therapist had seen. We felt that the more speech and earlier the better. Ireland has done this past year at one point 3 hours a week, averaging 2 and now stepped down to 1 per week. The goal since day one has been to get her at grade level by kindergarten and this looks to be realistic. We are now dealing with the sensory issues and exploring the world of OT.

She is such a happy outgoing girl that makes people smile everywhere we go. We are very open with strangers about her struggle and the hard road of apraxia so that the awareness continues to grow.