Sunday, April 24, 2016

CJ's Fight: No Longer Defeated, But Excited

Hello, my name is April. My son CJ is 8 years old and received his CAS diagnosis at 3. I knew something wasn't quite 'right' when CJ was about 18 months old. He wasn't progressing like my older son had. The school district sent an SLP to my house and he was denied services. I was toldt hat he would talk when he was ready and he was spoiled by others talking for him. I accepted that and we moved on for another 6 months. 

Then we started hanging out with kids his age and their mothers. It was quite obvious to me then that something was very wrong so I asked for another evaluation. 

A different SLP was sent to our home. She ordered hearing texts and spent a lot of time with him. She said yes he bad a speech delay and we finally had a direction to go. We began speech therapy 2 times a week at our neighborhood elementary school. After about 6 months our SLP said she thought CJ had Apraxia. We saw his pediatrician who agreed and we continued speech at the school and saw a speech therapist that was very familiar with Apraxia outside of school. That meant 5 days a week of speech. 

We started using a communication device and CJ started showing improvement. Currently CJ has speech just 1 time per week and no longer uses the communication device. He is certainly improving but there are still days that are tough. We have a long road ahead but he's a hard worker. 5 years ago we felt defeated but now we are very excited for CJ's future.