Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bryce's Fight: An Amazing Support System

When Bryce was born he was a typical newborn, walked by his first birthday, but at two years old was not talking. We knew something was wrong so they did all sorts of tests until two days before his 3rd birthday, he was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech. What is that? We figured it out quickly. Bryce was going to speech a few times a week and it felt like forever before there was any kind of progression. He was so smart but just couldn't get any words out! In 2014, Bryce started preschool and got speech therapy at school. He started to make words and friends! 

Bryce is now 6 years old and finishing up Kindergarten at Bedford Elementary in Dearborn Heights, MI. Thanks to Mrs. Mounsey, his wonderful speech teacher, he can almost make sentences out now. On May 13th, before Apraxia Awareness Day they will be doing a mini Walk for Apraxia in honor of Bryce and a few other children at his school battling Apraxia. Team Bryce will also be participating in their 3rd Walk for Apraxia in August and his Aunt KC is now the walk coordinator for the Motor City Walk for Apraxia.

Bryce has an amazing support system in his family, friends and school who are helping him #knockoutapraxia