Friday, April 8, 2016

Austin's Fight: Austin's Journey with Apraxia of Speech

Austin is the youngest of my 4 children he will be 4 in July, my oldest being 26 so I have been rising children for a long time, I noticed he wasn't talking as soon or as clearly as my other children did so I put him in day care part time to give him a little push.  I was approached by the school saying they had speech therapy and they thought he might benefit from it, I took him to his dr who also though nothing was wrong with Austin that he would catch on in his own time but we both agreed speech couldn't hurt so he started receiving it in school. 

 After several months of no improvement I called and spoke to his speech therapist and she was disappointed in his improvement as well but she thought he might have Apraxia but she wasn't sure since she said she was really unfamiliar with it and maybe I should have him tested.  

So to finally prove to me and everyone else that there was nothing wrong with my son I made and appointment at all children's hospital even had to wait almost 2 months for this appointment.  

On Monday 4-4-2016 Austin was tested for an hour and 45 minutes to only be told he has Apraxia and Expressive Language Disorder and will need extensive therapy a minimum of 3-5 times a week.  I am still trying to process this and feel like I truly let my son down and now will move heaven and earth to help my little boy. I think the scariest  part for me is not knowing what the out come in the end will be I have never heard of Apraxia before and everything I have read breaks my heart knowing the true struggle that him and everyone with it  faces on a daily basis.  

My son is a true fighter and if I don't understand what hes saying he finds some way to show me what he wants so I am going to learn from him and fight to help him over come any obstacle he may face with the same determination he has.