Sunday, April 3, 2016

Asher's Fight: I Have A Voice

Asher's journey started right before his third birthday. I fought and fought with one doctor after another saying something seemed off with Asher's speech development. Since he is a twin most doctors told me he was probably just a slow talker and "twin talked" with his brother. 

We have now been in private speech therapy for over a year. He started speech with no real words, he now can say a handful of words and is putting two and three words together to be able to make a sentence. We have also started OT for possible sensory issues. 
Asher never is down about his Apraxia. He finds all kinds of ways to communicate with us. He often uses drawings to show us what he's trying to communicate. His twin brother is also a great translator 
wink emoticon
He struggles with the long /e/ sounds, so many words are hard for him to say. He just recently said "mommy" for the first time and I was so excited. He finds his voice more and more each day and I'm so proud of my little fighter!