Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Aidan's Fight: Turning The Corner

Aidan was diagnosed with severe Childhood Apraxia of Speech at the age of three. He had done little to no babbling, had eating troubles and was late with almost every milestone. He showed understanding of what was being sad, but could never get anything intelligible to come out of his mouth. On the very rare occasion that he did, he was unable to do it again.

Aidan began with speech therapy at the age of two and a half and continues to this day, at age 5. He works harder than any little kid should ever have to. He has six speech therapy sessions each week. And you know what... He is making great strides. The progress with Apraxia is slow and sometimes almost goes unnoticed, but he is beginning to be able to express himself in ways he never has before! Aidan is a typical kindergarten boy who loves to run, play with trucks and tractors.

His most recent favorite thing to do is swing and practice riding his tricycle. It is so amazing to see all his hard work rewarded. It feels like he has finally turned a corner and we see light at the end of a, still long, tunnel!