Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Abbey's Story: Apraxia? Never Heard Of It!

Abbey is now 9 and was given the diagnosis of Apraxia at 3. She had been getting speech therapy already. Apraxia...never heard of it. What does that mean? Will she outgrow it? Will we ever hear her talk? Will she ever be able to tell us she's scared or hurts? These were just a few questions we had. We practiced.....and still practice. How we prayed for those first, dad, bye, love.... It seemed like we'd never get to hear her talk. Hear her thoughts, dreams, fears... 

...At 5 years old our insurance denied her and stated she no longer met medical necessity for continued speech therapy coverage. Needless to say "mama bear" fought that battle and won! I want everyone to know there is hope!! It's unfair but with hard work, practice, patience and perseverance her voice is heard!!! At the age of 9 she still struggles but has come so far. As a matter of fact sometimes I've heard her peers say "what country is she from?" Because she talks "funny. ". LOL. this always makes me giggle. She talks so much now that I think to myself..."I was worried she'd never speak?" Please know there is hope and in time things will get better :)

Always trust your gut and never stop trying to find answers or strategies that make things better.