Sunday, March 27, 2016

Cole's Fight: Cole Can Communicate

When my sweet boy was just 4 months old we went in for a well visit check and shots...nothing has been the same since. He was diagnosed with a condition call metopic craniosynostosis and at just 4 months old required major skull surgery involving brain exposure.

It was so very scary. 

  He healed like a champion, it wasn't until around 2 1/2 we began to see red flags in his speech development.  He was diagnosed with childhood apraxia of speech when he was 4 years old at our yearly team visits at the very same hospital he had his surgery. I was told he may never speak clearly, even after already being in speech therapy for one year without much progress. 

    Since that day, he has had intense therapy, 3 times a week. He was the 1st student in our district to use a AAC device in a general ed classroom and we have educated pretty much everyone we have met on what apraxia is and what to expect. Coles speech intelligibility has improved so much this last year, he amazes me daily. He was able to tell me he loved me this last year and even happy birthday to his brother. He will be 6 years old next month.  

It isn't easy, it isn't fun, but the love we hold for our babies gives us strength that will never be silenced!

We will knock out apraxia!